Compu-Books uses the FileMaker platform to create elegant, user friendly database solutions for desktop and mobile devices, geared to your specifications for automating the many functions of your business.

Software that works the way you do.  Well built intuitive interfaces are the key to productivity.  Increase your bottom line with smartly designed solutions that increase efficiency and productivity.

Personalizing Software

                                      to meet your special needs


Software that grows and change with you offers a return on your investment because it will never be outdated.  As your needs change, the software can adapt and change with added modules, plugins and redesigning.  We offer ongoing support and development to keep your system current.


Time Tested Methods

We have a time-tested method for taking your software project from start to finish, including the transition into production and training for your team.  Depending on the size and scope of the project, we may do on-site review and discovery of your needs and work flow, but in most cases we can provide a detailed estimate with mock-ups from your specifications with a few phone conferences and screen share sessions.

Conversion and Training

One of the most important steps is the conversion and final transition into your new software.  We use different methods, depending on the project.  One-on-one and group training can be scheduled.



Prototypes and Beta Testing

Once the project is approved and underway, we provide prototypes for your review.  Each prototype is reviewed in detail to show you progress made and the areas we need feedback on.

You and your team will go through 'alpha' and 'beta' testing to provide feedback and test the new features.  We strongly encourage that all potential users get to participate in this process and provide feedback to you regarding the work flow of the new system.  This is the key to making a smooth transition into the software.

After you are up & running in your new software, we take pride in becoming a part of the team by providing ongoing support.  As your needs change and/or your company grows, we help with further development and maintenance to keep your mission-critical system running efficiently.  We install a file you can use to enter any new change requests and maintenance requests directly to us via email.  This file will prioritize your needs and track completion of each item.

Ongoing Support

Add new features to your system to improve functionality in these areas:

 Barcodes  -  Credit Card Processing  -  Shipment Tracking

 Charts & Graphs  -  Signature Capture  -  Mobility

New Technologies

"The way our database performs is beyond all expectations. Thanks for all that you provide."

"You have given me a wonderful 'gift' with News-Publisher... It's so nice to have a program that works..., and has such a good support behind it!"